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Walking On The Edge

Posted on March 15th, by Kauser in Community, General. No Comments

Anyone who has kids, or even has taken kids out on a walk, knows from experience that if there is a ledge, an edge, a walkable border, a curb, or anything just a bit higher than the surface the kid is walking on and it’s walkable, the kid is going to climb up and walk on it.

And anyone who has seen this will know that the kid will walk on the edge until it ends. Even if they can’t see how far it goes, even if the edge meanders, even if there is a huge drop at the end of the edge.

In my experience, the kid will always take the edge over the flat ground on which you’re walking, every time.

At first (if it’s your own kids), it’s cute and fun as they ask you to hold their hand. You … Read More »

The Joy of Small Gatherings

Posted on December 10th, by Kauser in General. No Comments

When working on the website, and even before, I was told by a few friends and a sister, “You have to start blogging.” Why? About what? At first, the task seemed so daunting because the reality is, when you stare at a blank page, either physically on your desk, or the bright white sheet open on your computer screen, it is a challenge to fill that page with something meaningful and interesting and insightful. And, while I’ve come to realize that all those are great goals, sometimes I’ll hit those marks and sometimes I won’t, it’s the act of writing and reflecting (or perhaps that should be reflecting and writing) that has a great power, meaning, and process. So, while I’ve only posted a few blogs, I have a long list of potential topics to write about – including blogs … Read More »