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My First Work of 2016: Mending

Posted on January 7th, by Kauser in Community, General. No Comments

For a long time, I thought that I should be more serious when I write these blogs—that they should be work-specific, devoid of my personal musings and life. But I’ve come to realize, over time, that I just can’t do that. Why? Because for me, so much of my work and life ebb and flow together and much of the learning I’ve experienced seems to arise out of the moments between that ebb and flow. So, I’m starting my 2016 blogging with the first work I did this year: mending something very personal.

It’s odd to think about mending in a throw-away world and culture. In college, a dorm-mate from a very rich family was upset one evening because what she had to wear needed a button and some mending, and she didn’t know how to … Read More »

A Push and a Cry…Four Years Later

Posted on November 2nd, by Kauser in Community, General. No Comments

Four years ago today, I was starting my 40th week of pregnancy. On November 2nd exactly, I had a 3 year old at home and was wondering how and what I might be able to do to get to the Obama rally in downtown Cleveland. It was the last rally before then Senator, now President, Obama would have before taking off November 3rd and waiting for the election results on November 4th.

I found a babysitter, and with friends, took the bus to downtown Cleveland to wait for the man that would be president to come speak. It was a beautiful but chilly fall day and there was so much energy and excitement. In the prior 5 years, I had never before felt that excitement or energy in Cleveland. I was not there early enough to get into the sitting area … Read More »