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Winter Walks

Posted on March 16th, by Kauser in General. No Comments

OK before you read and say “what?” Really, I did start writing this when it was cold and it actually snowed. I guess winter is over but still hope you enjoy.

We have been lucky here in the mid-west to have had warm almost spring days pop-up throughout winter and snow coming late in the season. Winter may have been late, but he always comes.

I have lived in four season locales for most of my life and while I don’t mind the winter (I think this is because I’m always cold anyway), the winds and cold of it sinks in slowly and I wonder, like most, when the spring will come again. I guess the routine of winter, unlike other seasons seems just that – too routine. Too slow, very sloppy, and always cold. It’s the slowing down that I never … Read More »

Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 14th, by Kauser in General. No Comments

So, winter is here after spring teasing us with warm days scattered throughout December and January. You know those days if you’ve lived in the mid-west – the kind when there is at least one crazy guy (or in this case a whole city) that’s wearing a T-Shirt and shorts even though it is still only 45 degrees out. Warm, sunny days in the middle of winter sometimes make people do crazy things.

And, as they say, so does love. Please do the craziest things for the people, projects, pets, stuff, ideas, rock bands, technologies, issues, etc. they love. I’m an optimist and a romantic (do you know an optimist that’s not?) and so I like the idea of love. I like the shades, the depth, the variations, the silence and loudness of it. The fact that “love” is sometimes accompanied … Read More »